• October 5, 2022


by vivian aita

Ceragem Uganda introduces a massaging machine that can totally and naturally heal all kinds of problems that originate from the malfunctioning of the spinal cord.

Ceragem is a  company that was birthed in Korea and has over seventy two branches all over the world that is all the continents Africa, Asia, Europe, America have countries that  have Ceragem.Ceragem in Uganda started eight years ago with its main service center in Bugolobi which opens as early as five o’clock in themorning offering free services of massage to its clients and also selling the massage machines to theirclients who are interested in buying.At this center, people of all age groups with problems amounting from spinal cord disorders, that is infants, teenagers, youth, middle aged and the old aged come to access the free services to solve their problem. At Ceragem, communicable diseases such as hivaids and sexually transmitted diseases are not treated because they do not develop as a result of the malfunctioning of the spinalcord.

One year old Canon is brought every dayat three o’clock in the afternoon to Ceragem by his mother so that he can lay on the Ceragem compact machine. Little Canon was born with a spinal cord problem that made him different from any other normal child, his mother says, she noticed that her son could not flexibly stretch his limbs and could not hold back saliva which kept on coming out of his mouth. So every day she puts her son’s spinal cord area (back) on the Ceragem compact which scans Canon’s back and releases the radiant infra-red which awakens the dead muscles within his body. She later says that since she started bringing her son to Ceragem for free, her son can now move his limbs and even stand for some minutes, which was not happening before.

According to science. Com eighty percent of adults experience significant back pain especially the low back pain which results from a spinal cord problem which then leads to other health complicationsduring their life time without finding a remedy that can totally relieve them from this chronic pain. Low back pain is when one feels pain, numbness and tingling in the buttocks that can be related to the back. Some of the causes of this low back pain includes:

Muscle strain, this is because the muscle of the lower back provides the strength and mobility for all activities of daily living therefore strains occur when a muscle is overworked or weak. Another is the ligament sprain as a result of an injury that is caused by a sudden forceful movement or prolonged stress, this is effective since the ligaments connect the spinal vertebrae and provide stability for the low back. Poor posture is another cause that many have fallen victim for, what happens here is that the postural alignment of a person is poor for example slouching in front of your television or sitting hunched over a desk creates muscular fatigue, joint compression and stresses the discs that cushion your vertebrae. Age that is wear and tear and inherited factors may also cause degenerative changes in the discs that are found in one’s backbone leading to low back pain.

Beatrice Asibazuyo a resident of Luzira and a beneficiary of Ceragem says that before she got to know about Ceragem, she had chronic low back pain with a number of misallocations in her spinal cord. “The fast time I lay on the automatic thermal massager(bed), I felt my bones shifting to their right place and with continuous visits to the center which offers free services the pain I used to feel has greatly reduced” Beatrice says.

The automatic thermal massager (bed) at Ceragem scans the spinal cord area with the aim of identifying any problem that is within it because whenever the spine nerves are pressurized, there will be no communication from the brain to different body organs and cells, resulting in pain and disease.

Senyondo Christopher a middle aged man who comes to the Ceragem center in Mbuya every day to lay on the thermal massager says that he had been suffering from a stiff neck since 1995 but he got to know about Ceragem which solved his problem in 2015. He continues to explain that when he went to the doctor then before he got to know about Ceragem, he told him that his stiff neck was as a result of a disc prolapse in the c6 section of his spine. However Senyondo expresses his joy when he says that the thermal massager since has given him good results and he has greatly improved because he no longer has a stiff neck like before.

The people living around the Ceragem center in Mbuya say that with the free services offered by Ceragem, they have experienced change in their lives. Aminaa middle aged woman who owns a restaurant around Ceragem in Mbuya says that she used to experience periodic pain in her stomach and it cuts across her lower back. She says that she only lay on the Ceragem compact machine once and since then she has never experienced periodic pain.

Doctor Zacsus of KK Diagnostics in Entebbe says that the nerve supply in the lower body originates from the spinal cord so when a woman experiences back pain in her lower bark, it’s just referred pain because of the fact that every pain in the lower body goes through the spinal cord before it gets to the brain.

Ceragem continues to offer free services to the people leaving around it to solve the problem of non-communicable diseases that result from the malfunction of the spinal cord may be because of their reckless former lifestyle, background and the nature of work that they do.

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