Top 10 places to visit in Uganda

Kampala, the Capital city of Uganda.Courtesy Photo

With so many wonderful sites in Uganda, it’s difficult to pick the top places to visit in Uganda and here is a selection from things that work Uganda websites’ best places.

Travelling around Uganda you will quickly find many top attractions but its quite obvious that you don’t miss Uganda’s capital Kampala with a number of tourism offers.
Kampala is the capital and largest city of Uganda. . The city sits on several hills, with a number of attractive sites. Here are some of the places you must visit.

Uganda Martyrs Shrine Namugongo
The historical site where 27 Ugandan martyrs where burnt to death by a local king for failure to denounce their religious faith.

The Uganda Martyrs shrine Namugongo

Bahai Temple

Located in the suburbs of Kampala is Bahai Temple, the only Baha’i temple on the African continent. The warm welcoming magnificent building is Uganda’s must visit place with beautiful gardens.

The only Baha’i temple on the African continent

Uganda Museum
The Uganda’s one-stop centre for a historic venture of Uganda’s culture, technology, tools and traditional instruments among others over the years.

Uganda’s histoiric centre.Courtesy Photo @DailyMonitor

Kasubi Tombs, Kampala, Uganda
Located in Kampala is a UNESCO World Heritage Site called Kasubi Tombs. The site is a burial place of the four Kings of Buganda. The site located in Kampala is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Entrance to UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Kasubi TombsCourtesy Photo

Kabaka’s Palace
The Kabaka’s Palace Commonly known as Lubiri is located on a stretch covering one mile and is the official residence of the Kabaka.

Photo Courtesy of

Gadhafi Mosque
Uganda’s national mosque is  for the  the moslem community located in Kampala. Climbing up the many steps, the mosques offer  a clear view of Kampala city.

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